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Brasserie de la Côte

Categorie : Brewpub

  • Adresse : Rue de l'Eglise 10, 1115 Vullierens
  • Téléphone : +41796080903
  • Site Internet :
  • Brasserie de la Côte à domicile : pas d'information
  • Brasserie de la Côte ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Brasserie de la Côte :

- Brasserie De La Cote has been brewing since 2001, making it one of the oldest craft breweries in Switzerland. It is located in a two-story yellow building that looks like a house. The building has red shutters and solar panels on the roof. Outside is the brewery’s delivery truck, and there is limited street parking nearby. Here at the brewery you can purchase bottles, but they typically do not serve beer on tap. The bottle-shop has a black and white tile floor, a wooden service counter and a long wooden table. It’s not a large place and frankly dœsn’t feel especially inviting to the casual customer. If you plan to visit it may be best to call ahead to confirm the hours. The owner / brewmaster is a cordial, casual, subdued man who is happy to discuss his beers and answer questions. On the right are shelves and plastic crates of their dozen or so varieties of bottled beer. These can be purchased in packs or individual bottles. In the adjacent room is the brewhouse itself, which is cluttered with stacks of kegs and brewing supplies. The stainless steel brewing vessels are to the left and on the right is their bottling line. The beers tend to be robust and very well made. I was especially impressed with the Collab Barleywine and Ange et Demon IPA which were nicely hopped and delicious. I highly recommend a quick trip to the brewery, or at seeking out their beer for tasting.

- Really nice guy, with great beer at a great price.

- There's something to improve, but beer is good.

- Bières bonnes et atypiques et à conseiller. Accueil un peu froid sans proposition de dégustation. Un peu juste ou personne mal lunée ce jour là.

- Lieu est visite sympathique et choix de bière et excellente Je peut que recommander.

- The best beers I've tasted so far in Switzerland  !

- J'ai gouté la Blonde à la Bleue et elle est vraiment EXCELLENTE  !

- Bonnes bières bonne dégustation prix correct.

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