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InSport (Coffee Bar & Sport Store)

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  • Adresse : Höhematte 1073, 3825 Mürren
  • Téléphone : +41338552188
  • Site Internet :
  • InSport (Coffee Bar & Sport Store) à domicile : pas d'information
  • InSport (Coffee Bar & Sport Store) ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour InSport (Coffee Bar & Sport Store) :

- Wow what a GEM of a coffee bar  ! Australian inspired coffee using all Swiss made products was easily the best coffee I’ve had in Switzerland  ! I dropped in before my hike and the staff were so friendly and so knowledgeable about the best trails and equipment needed. I then popped back in afterwards for a protein smoothie and a spicy butter chicken pie - both which were incredible  ! I can’t recommend this place enough- it’s a MUST in Mürren 🙂

- We’ve been hiking in the area with our dog and found this lovely sunny terrace on the way. We decided to stop there for a coffee and… Seriously… The coffee is pure art in a cup beside being the best coffee you’ll find in the area  ! If you have kids there is also a playground right next so you can enjoy your coffee while they are playing. The passion and the kindness of the barista made us felt good and comfortable there. Definitely recommend it. Thank you ?

- Neat little coffee shop mixed with a sports clothing store. Definitely worth the stop  ! The owner made us our coffee and chatted with us for a bit and filled us in on the town of Mürren  ! Coffee was smooth and rich, really well balanced. They definitely focus on the quality and precision of their espresso here  ! If you're looking for an interesting cup of coffee, their espresso was fruity and acidic without being overly sour or offensive  !

- Delicious coffee, the best coffee I have had in Switzerland by far. The staff was really sweet and friendly. They offered good advice about best trails and where to go. Can’t forget they also have some great Mürren branded clothes if you want some useful souvenirs. Definitely check it out  !

- I spent the afternoon in mürren today. After a beautiful hike my girlfriend and I went to this sport shop because I wanted to buy a beanie for her. Once inside I discovered that they also serve drinks and food. It was amazing and it made my day even better  ! my drink came with latte art heart shape and it was sublime, and the smoothie was delicious  ! staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. I will go back for sure  !

- Incredible coffee, great views and outstanding service  ! We came up to Mürren for a Via Ferrata, which was cancelled due to bad weather. However, spending time in this cafe turned our day around due to Belinda’s friendly advice on alternative adventures. Also, I’m Australian and can confirm the coffee is the real deal Be sure to check out the view from their terrace  ! Simply breathtaking.

- If you like coffee made from a real barista you will love the lattes here. And we loved the pies for a great snack. The spinach feta was my favorite but the beef and chicken were equally good. I would vote best coffee in Murren  !

- Best coffee I've had in the whole area. Totally worth a visit. Very kind and skilled staff. Definitely coming again.

- Belinda's coffee shop is absolutely outstanding. Not only that her coffee is probably my favourite one in the world. She also has created this atmosphere that always makes me wanna walk up the extra 5 minutes from the gondola station cause it's just more than worth it. The coffee shop is located in their new sports-shop so while you're enjoying the vibe of the place you can have a look around and get inspired. It never feels weird to sit there on your own either, there is always something going on and for locals it's become a place to meet up. Apart from making the most amazing coffee you could think of (for vegans: she uses pea-milk instead of oat, and foams it into this satin-textured pea-latte, absolute best) she is also an absolutely inspiring woman. If you have a chance to go there and meet her or one of her staff, do so. It will put the cherry on the top of your time in Mürren.

- The best coffee in town made with love and talent. Owner and staff members are always very friendly, I love to get my morning coffee and have a chat with them. Also super good smoothies. Highly recommend if you are after good coffee  !


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  • Adresse : Schiltgrat, 3825 Mürren
  • Téléphone : +41338260007
  • Site Internet :
  • Schiltgrathüsi à domicile : pas d'information
  • Schiltgrathüsi ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Schiltgrathüsi :

- Certaines des plus belles vues des Alpes : l'Eiger et autres, un décor magnifique. Menu classique, strudel fortement recommandé. En espèces seulement.

- Best Kasekuchen (cheese pie) in the Alps.

- Petite cabane super mignonne avec une vue dégagée fantastique sur les montagnes. La nourriture est exceptionnelle, authentique et totalement délicieuse  ! Excellent service, super authentique et sympathique. La patronne est super accueillante et s'intègre dans le panorama avec son dirndl. Recommandation absolue  !

- Emplacement fantastique au pied des pistes de ski, avec du soleil jusqu'au soir et un panorama à couper le souffle. Cependant, lorsqu’il y a beaucoup de trafic, les délais d’attente pour commander et payer sont longs. En espèces seulement.

- Petit mais sympa. Bon service pour une petite carte. Des prix équitables. Gâteaux faits maison de la classe spéciale. Plus une vue sur l'Eiger, le Mönch et la Jungfrau. Encore et encore 🙂

- Cabane super agréable, excellent service, superbe panorama.

- Comme toujours, service cosy et convivial.

- Confortable mais cher.

- Confortable  !

- Les Hamdurgers étaient super.

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